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Cancer that created at breast, lung, stomach, uterus, thyroid and prostate etc. transmitting to bone due to progress of disease is called bone metastasis. Sometimes, the cancer that are unclear of created area transmitted to bone and misconceived as primary bone tumor since it present symptoms only at the bone. The easiest cancer to be transmitted to bone is breast cancer and sometimes, it transmits to bone after 10 years of treatment. Most of transmitted area is spine and thoracic vertebrae and vertebrae lumbales are most common and other than that, it is transmitting to pelvis, skull, femur and upper bone of arm. But it is rare to be transmitted to small bones of hands and feet.
Bone is common place for malignant tumor, which is transmitted from other area and it depends on the types of cancer but about 50~60% of cancer patients have Bone Metastasis. In the past, treatments for bone metastasis due to idea of thinking that bone metastasis is end stage of the cancer, but lately, with newly developed treatment, life of patient have been extended and trend of thinking the quality of living while alive became important have been rise. Suitable treatment is needed when experiencing pain due to bone transmitting, difficulty of walking and development of pathological fracture.

Pain around transmitted area is the most main symptom of bone metastasis but there are swelling, pathological fracture and spinal paralysis due to spine transmitted etc. other than pain.
In early stage, light symptoms are presented that are uncomfortable for general living like lose of appetite and insomnia etc.
1. Bone pain - It is the most common symptom that appears to be localized and develops gradually through few weeks, and it gets worse mostly at night.
2. Fracture - Cause severe pains and it can be symptom of early stage of bone metastasis.
3. Spinal compression - If patient with lumbago presents neurological symptom, emergency examination is carried since there is chance of spinal compression.
4. Hypercalcemia of malignancy - It appears due to bone destruction and induces symptoms like nausea, lose of appetite, thirst and great tiredness etc. Coma can be induced if don’t treat on time.
Treatment methods are surgical operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy, radiofrequency ablation (RF ablation) etc. and many treatment is carried depends on created area and transmitted area. Radiotherapy is carried to suppress transmitting focus and removing pain and treatment is done with 4000~5000 rad. Bone connecting operation is carried for pathological fracture of long bone if patient’s whole body condition permits but, many times bone cements are being used together. Some cases, spinal paralysis treatment due to transmitting to spine is done by laminectomy but recovery is very difficult once complete paralysis developed. Hormone therapy is carried when it is believed to have hormone dependency such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer and endometrial cancer etc.

Bone metastasis radiofrequency ablation is treatment that newly presented and by applying radiofrequency ablation that are being used for RF ablation of liver cancer, myoma of the uterus and lung cancer etc. and exhibits very excellent effects. Radiofrequency ablation is inserting RF electrode to center part of tumor and create radiofrequency by RF generator and burn to eliminate tumors using radiofrequency heat.