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Medical equipment market of world is growing in remarkable speed with base of safe and fast minimal-invasive cutting edge medical device technology. And industrial value-added of it is unlimited. Out of all, especially radiofrequency ablation technologies are actively being used in various fields. RF Medical Co., Ltd. Who exhibits superior power of concentration on R&D is leading new market creation by applying research result rapidly with excellent unique power of venture business.

RF Medical Co., Ltd. who is doing the best in the market of high grade medical equipment market is placing human health and safety as the first priority and putting all of our efforts to carry our mission as the leading company of localizing medical equipment through continuous R&D with superior talents. Also, RF Medical Co., Ltd. manufacturing the best medical devices only that are suitable for customer's demand with base of evaluated market status through advanced marketing techniques.

Joining creation of healthy and plentiful human society by stand tall as the cutting edge medical equipment maker with constant challenging and pioneering sprit is our will and pledge and hereafter, all the members of RF Medical Co., Ltd. will put all of our efforts on developing furthermore effective, reasonable priced and non-invasive medical equipments. We will always do our best to be the company that is doing our best, being with customers and being awake at all times.

Thank you.

JeongSook Choi / CEO