For the healthier world

RF Medical Co., Ltd. researches and develops Electro Surgical devices using Radiofrequency as a manufacturer of medical equipment established in 2003. We dedicated to popularizing RF liver cancer treatment devices in domestic and in year 2004, we developed the world’s first RF Myolysis System. We have supplied it to most of the university hospitals and OBGYN clinics presenting new treatment of preserving uterus, which is the symbol of female, without damage from uterine myoma and adenomysis.

In addition, not only domestic OBGYN doctors exhibit great interests on the new treatment modality, but oversea doctors also show great interests due to presentations in medical conferences by many university hospitals and constant inquiries from oversea buyers on the product and its effects.

With these effective treatment results as foundation, Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service have recognized myolysis as the new treatment on Jun, 2007 and along with recognition as “new medical technology” by Ministry of Health & Welfare, it earned authentication on its positive effect.

At present, our RF device has expanded its usage range through constant and passionate R&D. It is actively being used to treat not only for uterine myoma and adenomyosis, but also for liver cancer, hypermenorrhea, thyroid nodule, bone metastasis and usage is being also widen for prostate, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin care and calf reduction etc.

Therefore, RF Medical Co., Ltd. firmed its position as national best in the field and along with great response our technologies are being recognized even better at oversea market where technical barrier is high.