RF Electrodes Jet-Tip (Single)


Electrosurgical system handpiece, hand-controlled, general-purpose, single-use.

  • Internally cooled & perfused type of electrode.
  • Perfused saline hinders contiguous tissue from charring and causes more ionic agitation, which aids the heat energy to travel further and leads to larger and rounder ablation than regular internally cooled electrode.
  • Various exposure tip lengths are available for various lesion sizes.
  • There are length marks in centimeters on the body of the electrode, which helps the operator to identify how deep the electrode is inserted.
  • The bendable handle makes RFA procedure to be possible under CT guidance by preventing the handle to collide with CT gantry.
  • This product is a medical device. Please use it after carefully reading the instructions and precautions provided.
  • The Deliberation Number: 2018-I10-46-3230


Product Code Diameter
JET 1005B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1010B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1015B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1020B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1025B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1030B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1505B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1510B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1515B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1520B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1525B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1530B Ø1.5㎜
JET 2005B Ø1.5㎜
JET 2010B Ø1.5㎜
JET 2015B Ø1.5㎜
JET 2020B Ø1.5㎜
JET 2025B Ø1.5㎜
JET 2030B Ø1.5㎜
JET 1505QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 1510QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 1515QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 1520QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 1525QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 1530QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 2005QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 2010QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 2015QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 2020QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 2025QB Ø1.8㎜
JET 2030QB Ø1.8㎜