Neurofibromas are benign nerve tumors that grow on nerves throughout the body. There are three major types of neurofibroma: cutaneous, spinal and plexiform.

Cutaneous neurofibromas are also called discrete or dermal neurofibromas. These tumors grow from small nerves in the skin or just under the skin and appear as small bumps typically beginning around the time of puberty.

Dermal neurofibromas rarely cause medical problems but may itch or be tender when bumped. It is important to note that these tumors remain benign throughout life and do not become malignant cancers. Despite their benign nature, they may cause significant cosmetic problems and occasionally may require treatment.

The Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) procedure is almost bloodless and quick, creating a smaller necrotizing zone. Therefore, instead of employing the time consuming traditional surgery, such as laser therapy and electrosurgical excision, that produces uncertain results and can affect normal adjacent tissue, treatment of neurofibromas with radiofrequency ablation and excision can be an alternative choice of treatment for patients with a large number of neurofibromas.


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