RF Electrodes EMT Series


Electrosurgical system handpiece, hand-controlled, general-purpose, single-use.

  • Temperature-controlled algorithm.
  • Angled needle.
  • Thicker diameter than other RF MEDICAL electrodes.
  • This product is a medical device. Please use it after carefully reading the instructions and precautions provided.
  • The Deliberation Number: 2018-I10-46-3231


Product Code Diameter Length Exposure
EMT 2305Q Ø5.0mm 230mm 5mm
EMT 2310Q Ø5.0mm 230mm 10mm
EMT 2315Q Ø5.0mm 230mm 15mm
EMT 2320Q Ø5.0mm 230mm 20mm
EMT 2325Q Ø5.0mm 230mm 25mm
EMT 2330Q Ø5.0mm 230mm 30mm
EMT 2335Q Ø5.0mm 230mm 35mm
EMT 2340Q Ø5.0mm 230mm 40mm