RF Electrodes Jet-Tip™ (Twin)


Electrosurgical system handpiece, hand-controlled, general-purpose, single-use.

  • Independent temperature sensor and RF cable for each needle.
  • United cooling system tubes.
  • Needle switching possible. (Monopolar or Bipolar mode.)
  • This product is a medical device. Please use it after carefully reading the instructions and precautions provided.
  • The Deliberation Number: 2018-I10-46-3230


Product Code Diameter Length Exposure
CWTN-T1505~1540 Ø1.5mm 150mm 5~40㎜ (5㎜ intervals)
CWTN-T2005~2040 Ø1.5mm 200mm 5~40㎜ (5㎜ intervals)
CWTN-T1505~1540Q Ø1.8mm 150mm 5~40㎜ (5㎜ intervals)
CWTN-T2005~2040Q Ø1.8mm 200mm 5~40㎜ (5㎜ intervals)