RF Electrode VVT



  • This is a catheter type electrode intended for vessel and tissue coagulation(such as intravenous and intramedullary). This catheter is soft for easy insertion to sinuous lumen and developed to coagulate uniform length with required temperature. Marking about segmental ablation size on the catheter makes a procedure precise and safe.


VeinCLEAR Catheter

No. Product Code Diameter Length Exposure
1 VVT-4510 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 450mm±20㎜ 10mm±3mm
2 VVT-4515 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 450mm±20㎜ 15mm±3mm
3 VVT-4520 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 450mm±20㎜ 20mm±3mm
4 VVT-4530 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 450mm±20㎜ 30mm±3mm
5 VVT-60 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 600mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
6 VVT-70 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 700mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
7 VVT-90 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 900mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
8 VVT-100 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 1000mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
9 VVT-7020 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 700mm±20㎜ 20mm±3mm
10 VVT-7030 Ø2.2㎜±0.2㎜ 700mm±20㎜ 30mm±3mm
11 VVT-70FG Ø2.0㎜±0.2㎜ 700mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
12 VVT-100FG Ø2.0㎜±0.2㎜ 1000mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
13 VVT-70FS Ø1.65㎜±0.2㎜ 700mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
14 VVT-100FS Ø1.65㎜±0.2㎜ 1000mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
15 VVT-70FGL Ø2.0㎜±0.2㎜ 700mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
16 VVT-100FGL Ø2.0㎜±0.2㎜ 1000mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
17 VVT-70FGW Ø2.0㎜±0.2㎜ 700mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm
18 VVT-100FGW Ø2.0㎜±0.2㎜ 1000mm±20㎜ 70mm±3mm